Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 21, September 2019 By Zee Tamil

Yaaradi Nee Mohini (English: Who are you, lovely lady) is an Indian Tamil language spine-chiller drama featuring Shreekumar, Nachathira, Chaitra Reddy, Fathima Babu, Yamuna Chinnadurai and Baby Lisha. It began airing on 24 April 219 on Zee Tamil. It is professed to be the second greatest planned arrangement in South Indian TV after Nandini of Sun TV. Mutharasan (Shreekumar) is the grandson of a rich proprietor. He loses his mom and his dad (Ravi Varma) remarries Neelambari (Fathima Babu). He doesn’t realize that Neelambari is plotting to slaughter him, and in certainty regards and trusts her. In the interim, Vennila (Nachathira) his cousin cherishes him and needs to wed him. Neelambari subtly plots against him to gain his dad’s property for her kids; notwithstanding, a statement in the will prohibits her, as it says Mutharasan’s significant other must sign. Neelambari brings Swetha (Chaithra) her niece to get hitched to Muthu and stands close by. In the interim, Chitra (Yamuna) (Mutharasan’s dead spouse) apparition is presently out to ruin Neelambari’s shrewd plans. Following a couple of days, Neelambari and her posse discovered it is sprit of Chitra who riches their arrangement.

Swetha plans to get hitched to Mutarasan by snare or convict. She plots a thought and murders Vennilla mother (Sudha) and her grandma (Latha). Later a day comes when Swetha and Muthuarasan’s marriage fixed, Swetha’s ex Yuvraj (Shyam) reaches to stop the marriage. Swetha comes to know this and intended to execute Muthuarasan’s dad. Presently Vennila turns out to be excessively forlorn as everybody who upheld her were dead. Here comes an astute character Kalai (Vinitha), spouse of Maruthu (Bharath) (Neelambari’s first child) who discovers the intensity of Chitra and remain alongside Vennila. Maruthu later makes a mishap slaughter Kalai however she slips into unconsciousness. Chitra’s mom (Sumangali) comes in picture to uncover reality to Muthuarasan, however later gets murdered by Neelambari. After some time, Ruthra (Lisha), the genuine little girl of Mutharasan, is received by him as he prefers her, when he becomes more acquainted with that she is a vagrant. Despite the fact that he doesn’t realize that Ruthra is his girl, Ruthra knows it from her grandma, Sumangali. Swetha plans to isolate Ruthra and Vennila from Mutharasan. In a progression of occasions, Mutharasan distinguishes the genuine minding nature of Vennila and how individuals in the house are taking points of interest of her and stands close to her in the entirety of her issues. Mutharasan comes to know, from a minister that he has an organic kid whom Chitra had conveyed before her demise. While trying to know his youngster, he climbs the”Siddhar Malai” and becomes more acquainted with that Ruthra is his little girl. When he returns, Ruthra is snatched by a family who guarantees that Ruthra is the little girl of Pasupathi and Chitra. Mutharasan doesn’t accept this, however, gets assaulted by them in his mind and gets hospitalized. In a progression of occasions, the individuals who guaranteed Ruthra are slaughtered by heavenly mediations and powers. In the long run, Vanilla brings a herb from “Siddhar Malai” and fixes Mutharasan’s illness. The story presently pushes forward to reveal how Mutharasan discovers the real nature of his family and whom he will wed.

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